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Disgusting Remans? 30/07/2014

The main reason why most consumers prefer brand new products is they believe remanufactured products are dirty or disgusting.

Kodak Asks for Injunction Voiding 30/07/2014

Eastman Kodak asked the Sixth Circuit to void a preliminary injunction for Versamark printer ink.

Better Days Ahead 30/07/2014

A publicly listed toner company in Malaysia is set to boom, following the release of its patented, environmentally friendly bio-toner.

Better Days Ahead 29/07/2014

The first toner in the world made from palm oil set to change the fortunes for one manufacturer.

Canon Files Another Patent Infringement Complaint in Germany 29/07/2014

Canon announced it has lodged a patent infringement complaint to the District Court of Düsseldorf in Germany.